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Stereoscopic 3D is the newest frontier for Neil Nathanson, who has spent his entire career mapping the leading edge of digital media applications. Creating trend-setting visual communications since 1981, Neil draws on a full spectrum of expertise in these media to bring a dynamic new dimension to stereoscopic art:

  • graphic art and design
  • multi-media production
  • interactive program design
  • website design and development
  • elearning

Milestones along Neil's lane on the high-speed electronic highway include:

The new age of computer graphics begins. In the early 1980s Neil participated in focus groups for the Apple Laser Printer, which along with the first Apple Macintosh computer helped launch an explosion in computer graphics.

CD-ROM arrives on the scene. In 1986 Neil was a founding member of the Bureau of Electronic Publishing, the first CD-ROM publisher at a time when no one knew what CD-ROM was. Neil authored and developed many successful CD-ROM titles, including some of the first electronic stock photo collections.

The Internet redefines the electronic world. Neil was again ahead of the curve working as webmaster for Software Publishing Corporation, one of the largest computer graphics companies and maker of a full line of graphics software including Harvard Graphics. He went on to design and host numerous other professional websites as an independent developer.

Handheld mobile devices take the show on the road. In 2001 Neil prototyped and delivered the first Palm Pilot PDA-based learning tools for Mercedes-Benz. What could be better than a Palm Pilot?.. an iPod of course, and for that platform Neil developed and deployed the first Podcasting programs, also for Mercedes-Benz. He continues to contribute to a team developing applications for the iPhone that are taking mobile to the next level.

And now 3D is transforming the multi-media world. With stunning advances in 3D CGI graphics, Lenticular technology, and very recently real 3D auto-stereoscopic video displays, Neil is again blazing new ground creating magic in stereoscopic 3D. His track record of producing timely, top-quality creative solutions can also be the measure of your success. Count on Neil Nathanson Studio to add multi-dimensional impact to your story and campaigns.


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