Creating 3D
How we do it. . . with artful magic and precision

Neil Nathanson Studio creates 3D art for dramatic artistic effect and successful commercial application. Our goal is to create 3D that looks real -- and then take it somewhere beyond for impact. That's the difference between playing around with 3D and putting it to work to accomplish specific purposes.

We combine creative judgment with exceptional skill in executing the details to create high-quality images that do the job. Success lies in achieving the right balance -- knowing what works at what level, taking it far enough but not overdoing it.

We begin every project by understanding our client's goals as the cornerstone for designing solutions that meet requirements for results that exceed expectations. Here are some of the approaches we use to make that happen.

2D to 3D Conversions

We can add a whole new dimension to your existing 2D art using both "high tech" computer-based approaches and time-tested manual techniques to make 3D magic. The 3D effect is so real that it appears to be original, not engineered.

Nathanson Studio has a long track record of successful conversions for our clients. This is the route to go for more mileage and impact from your investment in current marketing campaigns.

Stereoscopic Photography

Photography using highly specialized cameras synchronized with custom software allows us to capture a scene with all the realism that 3D offers. Our creative and technical experience ensures high-quality results both on location and in the studio.

Our event team can support you with multiple cameras shooting from every angle to capture the full depth and excitement of your event. And our state-of-the-art photo studio affords all the technical control required for stereoscopic photographic results that showcase your products to best effect.

Computer-Generated Images

While 3D Computer-Generated Images (CGI) by definition don't exist in real life, our stereoscopic CGI images create a reality that is amazingly convincing. Computer modeling offers maximum creative flexibility. We often add CGI elements to stereo photos to enhance the image concept and push the effect for more dramatic results.

3D Animation

New technologies have made possible compelling displays that put 3D in motion for a unique and memorable visual experience without glasses or other visual aids. Our clients harness the power of 3D animation to see more traffic at exhibits and more sales at point of purchase.


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