Neil Nathanson
Stereoscopic Artist for Print and Animation


3D Punch For Your Creative Campaigns

It takes more than two dimensions to stand out from the crowd in print or on the screen. Neil Nathanson's Studio applies expertise in computer graphics imaging to create eye-popping 3D stereoscopic art that draws your audience deep into your message.

We help you get that message out there in a variety of formats using a full palette of 3D techniques to generate the results you need within a budget you can afford. Using 3D can create powerful reactions and action through still images. And there's nothing like 3D animation to bring your product to life on the screen and really rein in your audience.

Experience it for yourself and your business

We invite you to sample our portfolio for a sense of the compelling super-reality that 3D imaging makes possible. Spending a few minutes learning about ways to view 3D and how we create 3D art will be time well spent -- we promise.

Then call us to explore how the richness of 3D experience can translate to unique opportunities for promoting your business.

You can also get ideas on how to use 3D at our Blog on Stereoscopic Solutions.. Visit the blog and join the discussion.

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